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Public Act 202 Selection of the Uniform Assumption

Published Sep 27, 2018

If you do not offer a defined benefit retirement pension system or retirement health care system, no action is required, and you may disregard this notice.

Public Act 202 of 2017 (the Act) Uniform Assumptions:

As required by the Act, the state treasurer has established uniform actuarial assumptions of retirement systems that will be utilized for future reporting purposes. Please review the attached letter titled “Public Act 202: Selection of the Uniform Assumptions”. This guidance includes the uniform assumptions, as well as expectations for implementation.

Although reporting of the uniform assumptions is not required for the fiscal year 2018 Form 5572 (Retirement System Annual Report), local units are encouraged to contact their actuaries and accountants to ensure compliance with future reporting and to understand how the uniform assumptions impact their retirement system(s).

Where to find PA 202 Forms, FAQs and current PA 202 status:

To find the current Form 5572, detailed reporting instructions, waiver application forms, corrective action plan forms, updated FAQs, and a local unit’s PA 202 status, please visit our website at Please review the “Local Retirement System Summary with Data” to see a local unit’s status. If you have any questions, please send an email to our office at Or if you would like to schedule a phone appointment, please use the Local Retirement Calendar, a staff member will contact you at your schedule time. 

Thank you,    

Michigan Department of Treasury

Local Retirement Reporting Team